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#pragma once
#include <stdlib.h>
struct stack;
enum node_tag {
struct node_base {
enum node_tag tag;
struct node_app {
struct node_base base;
struct node_base* left;
struct node_base* right;
struct node_num {
struct node_base base;
int32_t value;
struct node_global {
struct node_base base;
int32_t arity;
void (*function)(struct stack*);
struct node_ind {
struct node_base base;
struct node_base* next;
struct node_data {
struct node_base base;
int8_t tag;
struct node_base** array;
struct node_base* alloc_node();
struct node_app* alloc_app(struct node_base* l, struct node_base* r);
struct node_num* alloc_num(int32_t n);
struct node_global* alloc_global(void (*f)(struct stack*), int32_t a);
struct node_ind* alloc_ind(struct node_base* n);
struct stack {
size_t size;
size_t count;
struct node_base** data;
void stack_init(struct stack* s);
void stack_free(struct stack* s);
void stack_push(struct stack* s, struct node_base* n);
struct node_base* stack_pop(struct stack* s);
struct node_base* stack_peek(struct stack* s, size_t o);
void stack_popn(struct stack* s, size_t n);
void stack_slide(struct stack* s, size_t n);
void stack_update(struct stack* s, size_t o);
void stack_alloc(struct stack* s, size_t o);
void stack_pack(struct stack* s, size_t n, int8_t t);
void stack_split(struct stack* s, size_t n);
struct node_base* eval(struct node_base* n);