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2020-05-14 01:29:26 -07:00
# Fenceless Grazing System App
This is the repository for the mobile application part of the Fenceless
Grazing System. The app is a rather standard Android application,
written in the Kotlin programming language. To build the application,
it is sufficient to run:
./gradlew assembleDebug
This will produce an APK file which can then be loaded onto
an Android device or emulator.
2020-05-14 01:35:22 -07:00
Note that the application makes HTTP requests to a predefined
API server URL, currently ``. This is not suitable
for testing if you do not have access to the domain. To
reconfigure the application to use a different API
URL, change the `apiUrl` entry in the application's `strings.xml` file:
<string name="apiUrl">http://your.domain </string>
The application will not be of much use if it is unable
to reach the Fenceless Grazing API server. The server's
repository can be found [here](