Code for the compiler described in my blog
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#include "parsed_type.hpp"
#include "type.hpp"
#include "type_env.hpp"
type_ptr parsed_type_app::to_type(
const std::set<std::string>& vars,
const type_env& e) const {
auto parent_type = e.lookup_type(name);
if(parent_type == nullptr) throw 0;
type_base* base_type;
if(!(base_type = dynamic_cast<type_base*>(parent_type.get()))) throw 0;
if(base_type->arity != arguments.size()) throw 0;
type_app* new_app = new type_app(std::move(parent_type));
type_ptr to_return(new_app);
for(auto& arg : arguments) {
new_app->arguments.push_back(arg->to_type(vars, e));
return to_return;
type_ptr parsed_type_var::to_type(
const std::set<std::string>& vars,
const type_env& e) const {
if(vars.find(var) == vars.end()) throw 0;
return type_ptr(new type_var(var));
type_ptr parsed_type_arr::to_type(
const std::set<std::string>& vars,
const type_env& env) const {
auto new_left = left->to_type(vars, env);
auto new_right = right->to_type(vars, env);
return type_ptr(new type_arr(std::move(new_left), std::move(new_right)));