Code for the compiler described in my blog
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#pragma once
#include "binop.hpp"
#include "parse_driver.hpp"
#include "definition.hpp"
#include "type_env.hpp"
#include "type.hpp"
#include "global_scope.hpp"
#include "mangler.hpp"
#include "llvm_context.hpp"
class compiler {
file_mgr file_m;
definition_group global_defs;
parse_driver driver;
type_env_ptr global_env;
type_mgr type_m;
mangler mng;
global_scope global_scp;
llvm_context ctx;
void add_default_types();
void add_binop_type(binop op, type_ptr type);
void add_default_function_types();
void parse();
void typecheck();
void translate();
void compile();
void create_llvm_binop(binop op);
void generate_llvm();
void output_llvm(const std::string& into);
compiler(const std::string& filename);
void operator()(const std::string& into);
file_mgr& get_file_manager();
type_mgr& get_type_manager();