Use auto instead of apply.

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@ -235,9 +235,9 @@ Module DayEight (Import M:Int).
intros pc acc.
destruct (valid_input_progress pc l acc) as [[_ Hd]|[pc' [Hw [[_ Hst]|[pc'' [acc'' [Hin Hst]]]]]]].
- (* We're done. *)
eexists. apply run_noswap_ok. apply Hd.
eexists. apply run_noswap_ok. assumption.
- (* We're stuck. *)
eexists. apply run_noswap_fail. apply Hst.
eexists. apply run_noswap_fail. assumption.
- (* We can make a step. This will remove our current PC from the valid list, *)
edestruct (H (set_remove Fin.eq_dec pc' l)).
(* Since the PC must be in the list, removing it makes the list smaller. *)