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\title{Team Review}
\author{Danila Fedorin}
The Fenceless Grazing Collar project aims to reduce the manual labor required from farmers to maintain large herds of livestock. It does
so by providing a GPS-enabled collar, which, when placed onto livestock, enables farmers to monitor their location
and enforce grazing boundaries through the use of auditory and electric stimuli. Additionally, the Fenceless Grazing Collar
project aims to collect livestock grazing information, for use in visualization tools and data analysis. In addition
to the collar, the project includes an API server and an Android application to manage the collars remotely.
The feedback from other group members regarding my performance is not surprising; it appears as though my team members
have given an accurate assessment of my contribution to the project. It was true that I did a significant amount of work, and,
because I wanted to get an A in the class, my work was of the highest level of quality I could maintain. It's clear
from the feedback I received that there are no negative feelings from any group members towards myself or other group members (otherwise, there
would likely be a lot more effort put into trying to lower everyone else's grades). This is not surprising.
Our team had, and continues to have, good communication, so it's pretty clear how each group member feels about the others.
I think that I contributed a significant amount. I drafted the majority of the design document, since I was the only one to have properly
read the entire IEEE specification. My requirements document was used for the group submission, and I made significant contributions
to other group assignments in the class. I think my group members feel the same way, since one of them gave me a "gold medal emoji" on
the evaluations, and the other spoke very well of my work and presence. Thus, I think the evaluations reflect
the reality of my contribution pretty well, and neither "more" nor "less".
Although I felt like a good team member last term, I also put in more work than I would have liked into the class. The Capstone
is not my only commitment, and thus, I have a variety of other areas where my time can be spent. That isn't to say that
I would like to cease contributing to the project whatsoever - I simply would like to reduce my portion of work to more
closely match the 33\% ideal that our group has set.