A CPU written in SystemVerilog for ECE 271.
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* Controller to interface CPU with the outside world.
* The clk and reset inputs work as expected.
* Inputs are fed in from the various input sources,
* and given directly to CPU.
* spi_clk, spi_ss and spi_mosi are SPI connections used to program the CPU.
* Outputs displayed from the CPU disp instruction.
module cpu_controller(input logic clk, reset,
input logic [11:0] inputs,
input logic spi_clk, spi_ss, spi_mosi,
output logic [11:0] outputs);
logic [31:0] inst;
logic [7:0] addr;
logic [19:0] the_void;
logic prog;
logic en;
logic inst_ready;
logic inst_done;
logic inst_ready_edge;
logic cpu_clk;
edge_detector inst_ready_detector(
logic prog_forward_clk;
assign prog_forward_clk = inst_ready_edge & ~inst_done & prog;
assign cpu_clk = reset | (en ? clk : prog_forward_clk);
spi_slave prog_slave(
cpu cpu_unit(
.inputs({4'b0, inputs}),
.disp({the_void, outputs}));
always_ff@(posedge clk)
if (reset) begin
prog <= 0;
en <= 0;
addr <= 0;
end else begin
en <= inst_done;
prog <= (prog & ~inst_done) | (inst_ready_edge & (inst == 32'hCAFEBABE));
addr <= addr + prog_forward_clk;