Make build-agda-html.rb more configurable

This should use it from Nix, and cache the Agda compilations

Signed-off-by: Danila Fedorin <>
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Danila Fedorin 2024-05-24 12:29:19 -07:00
parent 06ee998d54
commit ee118b07e5

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@ -1,8 +1,33 @@
require "json"
require "set"
require "optparse"
code_paths = Dir.glob("code/*").to_set
code_paths += JSON.parse("data/submodules.json")).keys
# For target_dir, use absolute paths because when invoking Agda, we'll be
# using chdir.
root_path = "code"
target_dir = File.expand_path "code"
data_file = "data/submodules.json" do |opts|
opts.banner = "Usage: build-agda-html.rb [options]"
opts.on("--root-path=PATH", "Search for Agda project folders in the given location") do |f|
root_path = f
opts.on("--target-dir=PATH", "Generate HTML files into the given directory") do |f|
target_dir = File.expand_path f
opts.on("--data-file=FILE", "Specify the submodules.json that encodes nested submodule structure") do |f|
data_file = f
files = ARGV
code_paths = Dir.entries(root_path).select do |f|, f)) and f != '.' and f != '..'
code_paths += JSON.parse( if File.exists? data_file
# Extending code_paths from submodules.json means that nested Agda modules
# have their root dir correctly set.
max_path = ->(path) {
code_paths.max_by do |code_path|
@ -17,7 +42,7 @@ max_path = ->(path) {
files_for_paths = {}
Dir.glob("code/**/*.agda") do |agda_file|
Dir.glob("**/*.agda", base: root_path) do |agda_file|
best_path =
files_for_path = files_for_paths.fetch(best_path) do
files_for_paths[best_path] = []
@ -28,10 +53,13 @@ end
original_wd = Dir.getwd
files_for_paths.each do |path, files|
Dir.chdir(File.join [original_wd, path])
Dir.chdir(File.join(root_path, path))
html_dir = File.join [target_dir, path, "html"]
files.each do |file|
puts "Invoking 'agda' on file: #{File.join [Dir.getwd, file]}"
`#{ARGV[0]} --local-interfaces #{file} --html --html-dir=html`
command = "#{ARGV[0]} --local-interfaces #{file} --html --html-dir=#{html_dir}"
puts command
# Allow some programs to fail (e.g., IO.agda in SPA without --guardedness)
# fail unless $? == 0