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@ -87,5 +87,18 @@ $$
\\mathcal{C} ⟦f⟧ \; \\rho = [\\text{PushGlobal} \\; f]
Next up, case expressions. These are a bit more complex: there are several
branches, each of which will have its own environment.
Now it's time for us to compile case expressions, but there's a bit of
an issue - our case expressions branches don't map one-to-one with
the \\(t \\rightarrow i\_t\\) format of the Jump instruction.
This is because we allow for name patterns in the form \\(x\\),
which can possibly match more than one tag. Consider this
rather useless example:
data Bool = { True, False }
defn weird b = { case b of { b -> { False } } }
We only have one branch, but we have two tags that should
lead to it!