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Why don't we draw a few graphs to get familiar with the idea?
### Visualizing Graphs and Their Reduction
__A word of caution__: the steps presented below may significantly differ
from the actual graph reduction algorithms used by modern compilers.
In particular, this section draws a lot of ideas from Simon Peyton Jones' book,
[_Implementing functional languages: a tutorial_](
However, modern functional compilers (i.e. GHC) use a much more
complicated abstract machine for evaluating graph-based code,
based on -- from what I know -- the [spineless tagless G-machine](
In short, this section, in order to build intuition, walks through how a functional program
evaluated using graph reduction _may_ behave; the actual details
depend on the compiler.
Let's start with something that doesn't have anything fancy. We can
take a look at the graph of the expression: