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title: Meaningfully Typechecking a Language in Idris
date: 2020-02-27T21:58:55-08:00
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tags: ["Haskell", "Idris"]
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### Wrapping Up
In this post, we learned that type checking can be used to translate an expression into
a more strongly-typed data type, which can be (more) safe to evaluate. To help
strengthen the types of our expression language, we used the Idris language and
strengthen the types of
{{< sidenote "right" "if-else-note" "our expression language," >}}
You may be thinking, "but where did the if-expressions go?". It turns out
that making sure that the branches of an if-expression are of the same
type is actually a fairly difficult task; the best way I found was
enumerating all the possible "valid" combinations of types in a case-expression.
Since this is obviously not the right solution, I decided to publish what I have,
and look for an alternative. If I find a better solution, I will write a follow-up
{{< /sidenote >}} we used the Idris language and
its support for dependent types and Generalized Algebraic Data Types (GADTs).
I this was interesting!
I hope this was interesting!
As usual, you can find the code for this post in this website's Git repository. The
source file we went through today is found [here](