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@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ GHC IDE is a Haskell-based program that uses the
{{< sidenote "right" "lsp-note" "language server protocol" >}}
You don't really need to know what the language server protocol (LSP) is
to use GHC IDE. If you are nonetheless interested, I wrote a little
bit about it <a href="{{< relref "blog/haskell_language_server" >}}#prelude-language-server-protocol">in the previous iteration of this post.</a>
bit about it <a href="{{< ref "/blog/haskell_language_server" >}}#prelude-language-server-protocol">in the previous iteration of this post.</a>
If you want more information, check out the <a href="">official Microsoft page on LSP.</a>
{{< /sidenote >}} to communicate with any editor that supports it. Editors
with support the the LSP include Atom, Visual Studio Code, Emacs, and Vim. Thus,
@ -61,8 +61,8 @@ export PATH=$PATH:/home/<yourusername>/.local/bin
On Windows, this is done by
{{< sidenote "right" "path-note" "editing your PATH variable." >}}
If you need to know how to change your <code>PATH</code>, I wrote
about it briefly in the <a href="{{< relref "blog/haskell_language_server" >}}
#installation-of-v0500-windows-systems">previous iteration of this post.</a>
about it briefly in the <a href="{{< ref "/blog/haskell_language_server" >}}
#installation-of-v0-5-0-0-windows-systems">previous iteration of this post.</a>
{{< /sidenote >}} I don't run Windows,
so I don't know where `cabal install` will place the executable, but I do know
where the executable will appear if you use `stack install` - in the directory