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  Danila Fedorin 55486d511f Make some refactors for name mangling and encapsulation. 2 months ago
  Danila Fedorin fe1e0a6de0 Switch to using FILE* and default YY_INPUT. 2 months ago
  Danila Fedorin dd4aa6fb9d Require C++17 for optionals 2 months ago
  Danila Fedorin 5dbf75b5e4 Fork off version 13 of the compiler. 2 months ago
  Danila Fedorin 08c8aca144 Start working on a lifted version of a definition. 6 months ago
  Danila Fedorin 1905601aaa Fork off the 12th version of the compiler. 6 months ago
  Danila Fedorin 74e6dba914 Add parsed type data structure, type application and arity. 7 months ago
  Danila Fedorin d7846e0b32 Fork off code for part 11 of compiler series. 7 months ago
  Danila Fedorin 577e0ad930 Finalize draft of polymorphism post 8 months ago
  Danila Fedorin 8ee016e189 Fork into version 10 of the compiler for blog series 8 months ago
  Danila Fedorin db16dbda18 Fix incorrect CMakeLists.txt 1 year ago
  Danila Fedorin 81ee50d0d4 Implement function and type creation, add text to blog in compiler series 1 year ago
  Danila Fedorin 1f6032a30e Start work on chapter 8 code for compilers 1 year ago
  Danila Fedorin 9531f4d8e3 Add chapter 8 starting code for compiler series 1 year ago
  Danila Fedorin 3901c9b115 Add print methods to instructions 1 year ago
  Danila Fedorin d9c151d774 Continue implementation of compilation 1 year ago
  Danila Fedorin bcaa67cc7a Begin implementation of new environment 1 year ago
  Danila Fedorin 8c0a6c834e Create new 'branch' for part 6 of compiler series 1 year ago
  Danila Fedorin 05af1350c8 Add errors ection to Part 4 of compiler posts 1 year ago
  Danila Fedorin 6344ce11ce Add CMake file and code for post 4 1 year ago