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Danila Fedorin 8710a5554c Fix mistakes in the example.agda file for IsSomething.
Signed-off-by: Danila Fedorin <>
3 months ago
agda-issomething Fix mistakes in the example.agda file for IsSomething. 3 months ago
aoc-2020@7a8503c3fe Add more text to draft. 3 years ago
blog-static-flake@67b47d9c29 Update the blog flake submodule and Nix Blog post 2 years ago
catamorphisms Update and publish catamorphism article 2 years ago
compiler@137455b0f4 Extract compiler into its own repo 11 months ago
cs325-langs Add homework 3 solution for CS325 4 years ago
dawn Finish a draft of the UCC evaluator article 2 years ago
dyno-alloy Edit and publish Alloy article 6 months ago
patterns Add the missing general-base pattern drawing code 3 months ago
server-config@98cffe0954 Add server configuration as submodule 2 years ago
time-traveling Add time traveling code. 3 years ago
typeclass-prolog Add missing source file to typeclasses-are-logic post 10 months ago
typesafe-imperative Update typesafe imperative language post draft. 3 years ago
typesafe-interpreter Add version of typesafe interpreter with tuples. 3 years ago
typescript-emitter Add draft of TypeScript typesafe event emitter post 2 years ago